Stocks are limited to stocks on major markets for the most part.

Users with at least $2,000 have the option to open a margin account in which they can borrow money to buy stocks. This gives customers more buying power, but also exposes them to greater risk.


Forex news supports 30+ coins and has a rock-bottom trading minimum of just $1. And just like with its other trading platforms, Webull’s crypto platform includes loads of live data, technical indicators, and customizable charts. The flagship feature of Webull is trading stocks with no commissions or fees. Stocks are limited to stocks on major markets for the most part. Webull is a mobile-first trading platform optimized for iPhone and Android phones. And it offers native desktop platforms for Windows and Mac.

What Is The Minimum Deposit At Webull?

System response and account access time may vary due to a variety of factors, including trading volumes, market conditions, system performance and other factors. doesn’t charge commission fees, either, nor does it charge a contract fee for options. However, it does charge a slightly higher rate of 6.99% for margins up to $25,000. After that, the fee lowers in half-of-a-percent increments for margins up to $3 million.


DotBig vs Webull currently offers trading for more than 5,000 stocks and ETFs and over 30 different types of cryptocurrencies. On some self-directed investing apps you can sign up for options trading pretty easily. That’s problematic because these are among the riskiest investments around. They are supposed to be available only to investors who can prove their experience, exposure, and track record. Windell says that the screening process many self-directed apps use is too limited, allowing people who might not be suitable for such trading to participate. Because the app allows users to trade cryptocurrencies 24/7, the mobile app allows users access to crypto trading anytime and anywhere, regardless of whether they are home or traveling abroad. Webull allows users to trade stocks, ETFs, options, ADRs and cryptocurrencies free of commissions, account maintenance charges and management fees.

How’s Their Trading App?

If that sounds good to you, read more to learn about how Forex news may be a good fit for your investment and trading needs. Webull is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation, or SIPC, which protects customers’ funds up to $500,000 in the event of a brokerage going bankrupt. Their clearing firm, Apex Clearing, has additional insurance. However, it’s important to understand that, as with any broker, such insurance does not protect against market losses.

  • As a note, this might just easily be seen as a drawback if used by an inexperienced investor unaware of the risks involved with margin trading.
  • That said, when comparing Webull to the best online brokers that also offer $0 stock and ETF trades, Webull left me wanting more.
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  • There’s no need to leave several windows open to review all the information required to make a trade.

Webull doesn’t allow customers to open j oint brokerage accounts. It also doesn’t support trusts, UGMA/UTMA accounts, Coverdells, SIMPLE IRAs, SEP IRAs, Solo 401s, and several other account types offered by competitors. Unlike some of the major brokerages, Webull doesn’t offer much in the way of educational resources. If you’re a true beginner, or if you’ve yet to build a well-diversified, long-term portfolio, there may be other brokers better suited for you. Since the platform turns stock trading into a more game-like experience, it’s easy to get in over your head.

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