Soon after, she found out that this lady dad had set-up a fake matchmaking anywhere between the lady and you may Raku Ichijo

Soon after, she found out that this lady dad had set-up a fake matchmaking anywhere between the lady and you may Raku Ichijo

First 12 months Arch [ ]

Chitoge lived in The united states, however, she then moved back once again to Japan for Adelt Wogner Kirisaki’s (Chitoge’s dad) business. She despised Raku into the start of the «phony like,» however, she in the near future warmed up to help you your. Appropriate the college travel, in which Raku receive this lady alone in the dark forest, outfitted given that a beneficial ghost, she requested your to mention their from the their first name, «Chitoge» and this she would label your «Raku,» as they truly are «dating» to have such a long time, anybody manage start denying its dating whenever they handled both formally. During the incidents of your own beach to your june trips, she begins to understand one the lady real thoughts getting Raku. not, when she requires your even though the guy believes which they would work with her just like the a real few, Raku reactions intensely claiming «however they won’t.» Although not, however told you which remark in pretext of their typical banter. Chitoge, taking the comment since the a sign of rejection and you can hatred, begins to sulk and avoid your altogether.

Immediately after june travel, its class keeps a «Romeo and you will Juliet» gamble, in addition they earliest chosen Raku and Chitoge to act while the fundamental letters, but she denies new character, thus the group upcoming chose Kosaki Onodera. After an incident in which Kosaki injures by herself sometime until the play, Raku pleads to possess Chitoge’s let (as he does not want the fresh new play to-be cancelled due to Kosaki) even after the girl cold emotions, to which she agrees, and they in the long run reconciled and you may solved the newest misunderstanding between them. It had been during the gamble, one in guise of your own lines, she admitted the woman fascination with him.

2nd Season Arch [ ]

She looks like falling for Raku Ichijo, and you may uses this lady day seeking squeeze comments out-of their lips. She together with tries to enjoys long alone that have Raku Ichijo.

3rd 12 months Arc [ ]

So you can pick up Raku Ichijo’s comfort from Marika Tachibana’s departure, Chitoge attempts to go to locations that the guy enjoys, consume his favourite food and play his preferred arcade online game. Adopting the go out, Raku realizes their fascination with Chitoge and you will she starts to discover Kosaki Onodera’s thinking getting Raku after overhearing the lady monologue.

The following day, she overhears Shu Maiko talking to Raku and you may addressing Kosaki while the Raku’s love, and you can leftover ahead of reading Shuu talks about Raku’s interest in the lady. Ripped aside entirely, she erica in order that this lady «fake relationship» dont hold Raku back and she will be able to assist Raku and you may Kosaki feel with her.

Chitoge will get Hana Kirisaki’s (Chitoge’s mother) assistant in her own agency in the New york, demonstrating a great deal more productive than just some one within her business, in addition to this than just Raku when he was Hana’s assistant. She actually is set up an awkward condition when Raku and you may Kosaki arrive at The united states to find this lady. She is able to end Raku, but satisfied Kosaki exactly who confronts her with her perception. She lies so you’re able to Kosaki and you can told you she never ever preferred your. Subsequently Kosaki informed her to not work on.

Impression one this lady finally guarantee is actually for this lady as the fresh Assured Woman, she expand selecting being aware what extremely happens 10 years before. Hana chooses to let the woman and you can informs where the woman where she can find Raku’s mother, the writer of the picture book «Zawse in love». Raku’s mother offers her stories into book finally courses the lady toward Tenku plateau.

At the Tenku plateau, she is reminded of all of the occurrences of a decade and you can how she had willingly quit the real key to Kosaki. Since it is clear so you’re able to this lady you to definitely this woman is only an artificial, she decided to silently departed, just to end up being met with Tachibana. Impression that she owes Raku a good confession, she made a decision to return. Raku grabs as much as their and you will she confesses their love with this lady back into him. But once Raku confirms one his option is this lady, she transforms to and you can embraces your.

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