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Индикатор Trend Trading Cloud

Индикатор Trend Trading Cloud


Промокод в честь новогодних праздников: NY2023

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This «Trend Trading Cloud» Indicator Could Be The Most Accurate Trend Indicator The Industry Has Ever Seen…

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Frustrated with all those useless trend indicators that just don’t work?

This «Trend Trading Cloud» Indicator Could Be The Most Accurate Trend Indicator The Industry Has Ever Seen…


  Now it’s easier for you to see what the major trends are right on your chart. Trend Trading CLOUD plots a visual trend cloud on the price chart. When «the cloud» is blue, the market’s in an uptrend. Vice versa, when the cloud is red, the market’s in a downtrend.

  Then it gets even better. Not only does the indicator inform you of the state of the market, «the cloud» — that the indicator draws for you — also tells you exactly where to place your stop and profit target.

  Works on ALL pairs, ALL timeframes.

  The indicator is fast & lightweight. That means, it won’t slow down your trading platform. It never crashes (at least from our rigorous tests). And it works smoothly even in fast-moving or erratic market condition.

According to our statistical tests, this is the most accurate trend indicator. And it achieves that by incorporating market volatility in its algorithm to increase accuracy, and eliminate false signals…

Hey there,

Does this sound familiar?

Your traditional trend indicator (you know, like MACD or ADX) tells you a new trend has established.

So you enter a trade. But the price is not really going anywhere. It’s just moving sideways, back and forth… toying with you.

Or even worse, many times the price quickly reverses against my position as soon as I place a trade. And I take an embarrassing loss from this stupid false signal.

You see, here’s the thing:

False signals are INEVITABLE with traditional trend indicators…

Here’s why:

They apply the same calculation no matter which currency pair you trade, and no matter which time frame you use.

And they don’t take into account the volatility of a particular currency pair, at a particular time.

I think it’s a fatal mistake.

Can you imagine using the same method when you trade a volatile pair (like GBP/USD which has a large daily range), as when you trade a pair like EUR/GBP which has a much smaller range?

That’s why you need a new kind of trend indicator that incorporates market volatility in its algorithm.


«Trend Trading Cloud» Indicator

This «Trend Trading Cloud» indicator is the first indicator that uses both a Volatility algorithm and a Trend algorithm to identify a trend.

That’s the secret to its accuracy.

The indicator clearly displays market trends on your charts, shows you exactly where possible reversals occurs.

And gives you audio & visual alerts when the trend changes direction.

Let’s take a look at how the indicator works:

See how well the Trend Trading Cloud indicator determines the market trend?

And it gives you everything you need to make a good trading decision:

1. It tells you the general trend of each currency pair…

2. It tells you where you should set your stop loss if you’re gonna put on a trade…

3. It tells you where you should place your profit target if you’re gonna put on a trade…

Showing you exactly where to place your stop and profit target is a game-changer. And that’s exactly what we’re able to achieve in this new version of the Trend Trading Cloud indicator:

If the market’s in a downtrend and you’re about to enter a trade, the upper band of the Cloud is where you should set your stop loss. And the lower band of the Cloud is where you should place your profit target. Easy, isn’t it?

In this example, even if you used a super simple strategy like buying when the indicator signals an uptrend… and selling when the indicator signals a downtrend… you would have already generated over 1,000 pips in profit.

Not too shabby, right?

Here’s another example on USD/JPY daily time frame to illustrate how accurate Trend Trading Cloud is when it comes to determining the market trends:

Let’s take a look at another case study… this time on USD/CAD daily time frame:



And another one also on USD/CAD:


As you can see, Trend Trading Cloud indicator works exceedingly well at signaling when the market changes direction.

Plus… because it takes market volatility into account…

It helps you avoid false signals when sideways movement or market correction occurs…

Let’s walk through another case study:

In this case study, because false signals are eliminated, the indicator signals 3 possible market reversals. And if you just followed these signals, nothing more nothing less, you would have captured most of these trends.

On top of that, you would have had another small winner from the first upward price move.

Gotta love these simple wins!

One more example: (EUR/GBP daily chart)

If Trend Trading Cloud indicator gave you these signals, would you be able to profit from these clear trends?

I bet you could.

And by the way…

Here’s a great way to use Trend Trading Cloud indicator…

Did you know that the Trend Trading Cloud indicator also gives you the exact price where you may consider setting your stop loss and profit target?

This is one of the new features that excite us the most in this new release of the Trend Trading Cloud indicator.

Trend Trading Cloud indicator plots a «cloud» on the price chart, so you can see exactly where to set your stop loss and profit target:

Look at this example:

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